Portable Power Station

High power (1000W), large capacity (998Wh), two 230V AC, pure sine wave outputs, safe and stable.

Supports EPS, can get power from the mains through AC output and resume power supply within 30ms after the mains power is interrupted (AC total input power < 1200W ).

Equipped with the smart charge&discharge management system, allows long-time connection to the mains to meet emergency power needs without battery damage.

Supports smart car charging when charging through the cigarette lighter socket. The power station charges only when the car engine is started, no need to worry about damaging the car battery.

Supports enhanced overload mode and can supply power for some load without interruption when the load exceeds the AC output power.

Automatically recognizes the mains frequency and adjusts the AC output frequency without manual adjustment.

3 self-charging methods: wall outlets, solar panels, and car chargers.

Supports the two-way inverter flash charging technology; with a power cable and no adapter, the power station can be fully charged in just 1.7 hours.

Two charging modes available when self-charging with the mains: slow charging, fast charging.

Supports MPPT charge control when self-charging with solar panels, and with max. 400W input, the power station can be fully charged in approx. 3 hours (solar panels sold separately).

6 types of output ports can power 10 devices at the same time.

Independent control switches for AC and DC ports allow separate power control.

UL-certified lithium iron phosphate cells, large capacity, safe, stable, and long cycle life (+4000 cycles).

Built-in BMS provides 8 safety protections including overvoltage protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, low temperature protection, overload protection, battery protection to ensure safety.

Stringent quality control and assurance process ensures electrical safety.

CE, FCC, RoHS, DOE, CEC, UN38.3 certifications.

The high-resolution LED digital display shows battery level, input and output power, and remaining charge and discharge time at a glance.

Robust and durable V-0 grade flame-retardant shell; louvered vents on 2 sides for ventilation while keeping out rainwater, multiple smart temperature-controlled fans, efficient and quiet heat dissipation.

With dual handles on the top, easy to carry.

A rubber plug protects the car charger port from dust and water.

Large area of anti-slip pad on both sides of the bottom ensures stable standing in outdoor use.