Portable Solar Panel

* 100W power output, 18V voltage output.

* High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon with up to 22.5% conversion efficiency converts more solar energy than polysilicon, with less energy loss and longer lifetime.

* The ETFE laminated solar panel made of high-quality materials provides robust durability and excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.

* High transmittance panel with up to 99% light transmittance achieves higher energy conversion efficiency.

* Foldable and portable design, approx. 5.2kg/11.5lbs per piece, easy to carry.

* Adjustable bracket allows flexible angles to achieve optimal charging performance in different seasons.

* IP66 rated, withstands direct water jets and harsh weathers (connectors are not waterproof).

* 3 types of output connectors including DC7909, Anderson, and XT60 to accommodate different outdoor power stations.

* With USB-A interface to power electronic devices conveniently.

* All materials are eco-friendly, lead-free and non-toxic.

* 16 visual inspections, trustworthy quality.