VMS-B180-A is an integrated video surveillance platform for small and medium sized applications. It can connect and manage devices such as IPC, NVR,decoder, network keyboard, access controller, alarm controller. VMS-B180-A is easy to deploy, stable and scalable, and it is widely applicable in LAN-based applications such as residential areas, buildings, campuses, hotels, retail stores, and WAN-based applications such as networked chain stores.


* Connection: Connect and manage 250 devices, 500 video channels.

* Management: Unified management of IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, alarm controller, access controller, cloud devices.

* Bandwidth: 512Mbps input bandwidth, 384Mbps output bandwidth.

* Compatibility: Support standard Onvif and RTSP.

* Service: Live view, playback, sequence, video wall, GIS map, two-way audio, alarm-triggered actions, access control management.

* Access: Browser/Server, Client/Server and mobile clients (both iOS and Android).

* Smart: Multiple smart functions including cross line detection, intrusion detection, face detection, LPR, mixed traffic detection, people counting, behavior search, and alarms and reports.

* Stability and reliability: Linux OS, 802.1x authentication, ARP protection, HTTPS, Telnet enabling/disabling, network fault tolerance, load balancing, multi-IP configuration, secure password, and IP address filtering.

* Operation and maintenance: Provide a comprehensive management dashboard, server status, device/channel online/offline status, HDD status, online users, bandwidth usage, packet loss rate, log query.

* Interfaces: 4 x 1000Mbps Ethernet interfaces, 24 alarm inputs, 8 alarm outputs, 4 x USB 3.0, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA.