VMS-B800-A is a powerful and highly reliable video technology management platform that offers a comprehensive solution with other Uniview products including IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, IP SAN, etc. It is compatible with Onvif-compliant IP cameras and open to integration with other systems. VMS-B800-A is one of the ideal video management servers specialized for large-scale projects, and it has been widely used in various scenarios such as finance, transportation, electric power, energy, education, and healthcare, and in diverse scenarios including large parks and buildings.


Stability: Linux OS, 1+1 hot standby for master server, and N+M protection for storage server

Flexible deployment: support distributed and hierarchical network structure

Compatible and open: connection of third-party IP cameras with standard ONVIF and RTSP, integration with alarm control and access control; SDK for integration with other systems

Powerful connection: up to 2,000 devices or 10,000 channels by single server, up to 30,000 channels in distributed or hierarchical network structure

Unified management: IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, cloud device, alarm control panel and door access controller

Reliable and cost-effective storage with IP SAN

Multiple ways to access: Web client for configuration and management, Software client for daily monitoring, mobile client (iOS and Android) for access anytime, anywhere

Rich functionality: live view, playback, sequence, video wall, GIS map, two-way audio and broadcast, people counting, real-time alarm and alarm management, user and permission management

VCA support: receive VCA alarms, configure alarm-triggered actions, and real-time people counting and statistics report

Secure protection: HTTPS, 802.1x authentication, ARP protection, secure password policy, and IP address filtering

Reliability: network fault tolerance, multi-IP configuration, load balancing, Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR)

Operation and maintenance: Provide a comprehensive management dashboard, server status, device/channel online/offline status, HDD status, online users, bandwidth usage, packet loss rate, log query