VX1800-NAS Series

Network Storage

VX1800-NAS series of storage products is a new generation of cost-effective storage products independently developed by Uniview. The VX1800-NAS series integrates video data management, permanent data protection, block virtual RAID, and industry-leading disk management technologies. It features high performance, high reliability, strong expansion, easy management, and easy maintenance, and integrates multiple protocols such as NAS, NFS, CIFS, and FTP. Provides multiple ways to access storage data, providing users with a comprehensive storage solution.


Data Protection

* Multi-policy Snapshot

You can configure multiple snapshot policies based on the time interval, week, month, and day

* A snapshot of the rollback

You can restore data to a point in time by rolling back a snapshot

* Snapshot views

Use the data in the snapshot resource and the data in the source resource to recreate a virtual source resource corresponding to the selected snapshot point in time

* The snapshot copy

The source resource data at the point in time is generated using the data in the snapshot resource and the source resource data, and is written to disks as permanent resources

* The snapshot agent

To implement consistency protection for data at a certain point in time and allow uninterrupted data access during this process, the client needs to cooperate with the snapshot agent

* The data backup

Key data can be backed up locally or remotely between devices. After the backup data is promoted or restored, the backup data can be seamlessly switched over and directly used by clients

* Backup strategy

A backup policy can be configured based on the file type, file name, and file modification time to implement all-weather backup of multiple policies

* Multiple backup

You can set the destination end of a backup job as the source end of a new backup job to create a backup of a new policy

* Centralized backup

Supports many-to-one centralized backup, and each backup task can be set to PULL or PUSH mode

* Data safe box

Online embedded UPS protection and data safe box are provided to ensure secure writing of cache data into data safe box at unexpected power-off without data loss.

* WORM function

WORM: Write Once Read Many, protects important data against tampering.

* Link protection

ink aggregation and dynamic failover ensure the read/write bandwidth without affecting the availability of data channels.

* Quota management

Soft quota and hard quota are supported. When the quota is reached, an alarm is reported.

* Safe mode

Supports common host mode, user mode (Kerberos authentication), and Windows domain mode authentication.

RAID Features

* Block virtualization technology RAID-NT

Supports dynamic storage pools, automatic data load balancing and evenly distributed hot spare space on each disk in the storage pool, with performance >2TB/h.

* RAID Rebuild

Automatically adjust the reconstruction speed of the array group according to the current system busyness.

Second-level reconstruction, only the changed part of the data is reconstructed, which can shorten the reconstruction time to second-level.

Fast reconstruction, rebuild data by copying and migrate endangered data to hot spare disk in a short time.

* Disk pre-copy

Supports disk health management, and pre-copy data on risky disks in advance.

* Inspection, repair and fault tolerance

Automatic array inspection, disk failure repair, and disk bad block remapping functions effectively reduce disk failures

Disk fault-tolerant processing can be performed. When multiple disks in the array have errors, the storage activity can still be guaranteed.

* Disk migration

Support online hot swap of disks and disk migration of arrays between devices.

* Unique C-video technology

If multiple disks in a storage array fail, services can be continued to ensure that video data can be read and stored.

High performance

* Video specific cache algorithm

This improves disk access performance and prolongs the service life of disk.

* SSD Cache

Improves hotspot data access performance.

Hardware Design

* Modular redundancy of components

All modules are connected using carrier-class connectors. Key components such as power modules, battery modules, and fan modules are hot swappable and online replacement based on redundant architecture, ensuring service continuity and data reliability. The system availability reaches 99.999%.

* Lead hardware

Based on Intel 64-bit most advanced multi-core processor design, multi-channel high-performance memory interface, advanced PCI-E3.0, SAS3.0 bus technology.

* Dual BIOS

Ensure reliable system startup and secure update BIOS.

* Hardware and software two-level watchdog

In case of a system fault, the system can automatically recover services without human intervention.

* Intelligent temperature control

The adaptive temperature adjustment system automatically senses the temperature change and adjusts the fan speed in multiple linear ways. The intelligent fan speed adjustment reduces the power consumption of the fans and derates the fans to prolong the service life of the fans.

* Dust proof, shock absorption, corrosion resistance

Unique disk dustproof design, effectively prevent dust.

Patented disk shock absorption technology to reduce disk resonance transfer and external impact on the disk.

Using original anti-corrosion early warning technology and patented disk anti-corrosion technology, to the greatest extent to reduce the external disk corrosion, prolong the service life of the disk.

Easy to maintain

* Unified graphical management

Graphical unified management of multiple devices, one-click operation of storage configuration, comprehensive real-time environmental control monitoring and user behavior audit (recording information about operators, behaviors, and time).

* Comprehensive alarm mechanism

Supports led alarms, email alarms, buzz alarms, SHORT message alarms, led alarms, and SNMP alarms.

Energy Saving

* Disk dormancy

Spin-down of disks without service I/OS reduces disk power consumption and prolongs disk service life.

* CPU intelligent frequency modulation technology

The CPU frequency is automatically adjusted based on the busy service level to save power consumption.