MCC Approved CCTV company in Dubai

Uniview-UAE stands as the MCC approved CCTV company in Dubai. We’re elated to strengthen our collaboration with MCC Approved service, further emphasizing our pledge to excellence, sustainability, and adherence to the UAE’s premier environmental standards. Our mutual dedication ensures that we provide products and solutions surpassing national regulatory expectations. Together, we champion a sustainable and secure future for our community.

What is MCC UAE Regulation?

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MCC) UAE is a governmental body responsible for implementing the country’s policies on environmental and climate change matters. The MCC has established a set of regulations and standards designed to ensure that products, services, and practices within the UAE align with the country’s sustainability and environmental goals.

These regulations cover various sectors, from agriculture and fisheries to waste management and water resources. Part of their mandate includes the approval of certain products to ensure they meet specific environmental, safety, and quality standards. When a product receives MCC approval, it means it has passed rigorous tests and evaluations, ensuring that it adheres to the standards set by the Ministry.

Why Choose a MCC-Approved Products?

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Assured Quality

MCC approval signifies that a product meets the high-quality standards set by the Ministry, ensuring its reliability and performance.

Environmental Protection

Given the MCC's focus on environmental matters, approved products are likely to have a reduced environmental footprint, be it in terms of production, use, or disposal.


The MCC also evaluates products based on safety standards. Choosing an approved product means reducing potential risks associated with its use.

Supporting National Goals

By opting for MCC-approved products, consumers and businesses are directly supporting the UAE's objectives related to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Positive Brand Perception

For businesses, selling or using MCC approved products can boost brand image, showing commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Economic Benefits

Using MCC approved products can result in long-term savings. For instance, an eco-friendly appliance may use less energy, leading to reduced electricity bills.

MCC Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

Frequently Asked Question

Prioritizing MCC approved products ensures that you are purchasing items that meet high-quality and safety standards. Additionally, it signifies your contribution to promoting sustainability and environmental protection within the UAE.

While a significant emphasis of the MCC’s mandate is on environmental concerns, it also focuses on quality, safety, and overall sustainability. Products are evaluated on various criteria to ensure they align with the UAE’s broader objectives.

The frequency of updates to MCC regulations can vary based on emerging environmental concerns, technological advancements, and the nation’s evolving goals. It’s essential to regularly check the official MCC website or official announcements for the latest information.