SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

At Uniview-UAE, we’re more than just a security service – we’re a symbol of trust throughout the nation. Backed by approvals from police authorities in all seven emirates, our local offices make us a familiar face in every corner of the UAE. Our dedication isn’t just about our reach; it’s about our commitment to following Dubai Police guidelines for security equipment. With Uniview-UAE, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner devoted to top-notch safety standards.

What is Sira Approval?

SIRA is a government body established in 2016 by the Dubai government to regulate the security industry in the city. SIRA is responsible for managing the licensing of all security activities in Dubai, including guarding services, security system sales, installation, and consulting. In order for a company to carry out these activities, it must first obtain approval from SIRA. This applies to both new permits and license renewals.

SIRA has made it mandatory for certain types of businesses to install a CCTV surveillance system. These businesses can only obtain or renew their trade license after their surveillance system has been approved by a SIRA auditor.

Why Choose a SIRA-Approved Service?

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Assured Quality

Achieving this certification means we've demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. By adhering to rigorous industry standards, we guarantee top-tier service in every installation.

Optimal Security Performance

These standards ensure that CCTV systems deliver comprehensive security solutions. Experience enhanced coverage, high-definition footage, and dependable monitoring with our services.


Full Regulatory Compliance

Navigate the complexities of local security regulations with confidence. Our services ensure your CCTV setup aligns with all necessary guidelines, safeguarding you from potential legal complications.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Our team is continuously updated with the latest in security technology and best practices, all under the stringent guidelines set by recognized industry regulators.

Unwavering Peace of Mind

Sleep easier knowing your security meets the highest industry standards. It's not just about cameras; it's about a commitment to safety, quality, and excellence.

Insurance Perks

Leveraging a certified security setup can often translate to favorable terms with insurance providers, acknowledging the reduced risks associated with top-tier security systems.

SIRA Approved UNV Models

SIRA, a prominent government entity in Dubai, diligently steers and fortifies the security sector, ensuring it aligns with global benchmarks. Their mission? To safeguard the community and diminish crime in the Emirate of Dubai, leveraging the expertise of the private security sector.

Uniview-UAE proudly stands as an accredited Security Solutions provider in Dubai. Recognized by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) under Dubai police, we are committed to delivering superior security services. Our team boasts SIRA-certified engineers and technicians, ensuring every project we undertake adheres to the stringent security guidelines set by Dubai Police.

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33 NVR NVR308-32X NVR-B5301.30.6. L07.210929 SIRA/2021/1/03886
34 NVR NVR301-04LS2-P4 NVR-B3801.19.15.L19.210104 SIRA/2021/1/02673
35 NVR NVR308-64X NVR-B5301.30.6. L07.210929 SIRA/2021/1/03888
36 NVR NVR302-16S-P16 B3226P21L09 SIRA/2019/00925
SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

Frequently Asked Question

The process for obtaining SIRA certification for CCTV installation is managed through SIRA’s online portal. The Security Service Provider (SSP) responsible for the installation uploads all the details of the CCTV system, such as camera model numbers, IP addresses, and camera-to-recorder mapping, as well as a schematic diagram and a maintenance agreement. Once the installation and documentation are complete, the SSP requests a SIRA audit.


During the audit, an SIRA inspector visits the site to ensure that the installation meets the agency’s requirements. If the inspector finds that the CCTV installation does not meet the requirements, they issue a FAIL report that lists the areas that need to be corrected. The SSP then makes the necessary changes and requests another inspection. This process continues until the inspector is satisfied that the installation meets all of SIRA’s requirements.


If the inspector passes the installation, the SSP then applies for and obtains the NOC, and if Video Guard is installed, the SSP must also obtain a Video Guard connectivity certificate from SIRA. The process includes uploading an SVG layout of the site, creating an E-map of the installed cameras, and requesting verification from an SIRA-approved engineer. If the connection is successful, SIRA issues a connectivity certificate which is necessary for passing the inspection.”

Obtaining SIRA certification for CCTV installation guarantees that the system in your building or facility is in compliance with SIRA guidelines and updated with the latest technologies. It is mandatory to have a properly installed security surveillance system in the building, failure to comply with this can result in fines. Different types of buildings and institutions have unique guidelines for CCTV installation set by SIRA.


SIRA certification also plays an important role in fulfilling other licensing requirements. Obtaining an NOC from SIRA is also a requirement from Dubai Municipal Authority to issue a building completion certificate.

SIRA has established CCTV installation guidelines for various types of businesses, including Hotels and Similar Activities, Malls, Shopping Centers, Banks, Money Exchanges, Jewelers, SIM card traders, Cinemas, Theatres, Sports Complexes, Multi-Tenant buildings, Shooting Rangers & Clubs, Military Equipment Stores, Hunting Equipment Stores, Gas Stations, Large and Diverse Stores (Department Stores/Supermarkets), Electronic Game Shops, Places of Worship, Art Galleries, Recreation Parks, Nightclubs, Sports Clubs (GYM) and Restaurants. Some of these businesses may also be required to install an intruder alarm system.


These guidelines specify the required camera locations, essential camera features, Field of View (FoV) of cameras, image sizes for different areas, minimum acceptable resolution and frame rate of video recording, and the minimum period for which companies should maintain their CCTV video record on site. In 2018, SIRA also issued a regulation that requires critical businesses to connect their CCTV recorders to SIRA’s control room through a device called Video Guard.


For more information on SIRA’s installation guidelines, you can check the SIRA website.