General-Purpose Mid-Range CPU Server

High performance

*The 2nd-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable series processors provide strong processing power to deal with heavy computing load.

* 2 standard Gigabit network interfaces for data transmission, 1 optional dual-Gigabit or dual-10GE network interface module for expansion, capable of load balance, link aggregation and redundancy to effectively reduce network latency; 1 Gigabit remote management network interface.

* DDR4 3200Mhz RAM frequency, 16 RAM slots.

High reliability

*The smart cooling system effectively reduces noises and creates a constant temperature in the chassis; the fully shielded design prevents electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, and anti-static (EMI).

*Optional 1+1 power redundancy design supports PMBus, module-loss alarm and more to enhance server operation security.

ow power consumption

*Supports frequency reduction to reduce system power consumption at low system load.

* Adjusts fan speed according to the temperature of thermally critical components to save energy, reduce noise, and improve reliability of fans.

* Supports PDCM (power efficiency manager) to provide automated server power consumption control to complete more tasks with less resources.